Next Amherst Charter Commission Listening Workshop

amherst-seal-amherst-town-sealjpg-aee708cbadf64da1Your Charter Commission is pleased to meet you! We are nine Amherst residents elected to propose possible changes to Amherst’s form of government.

Our first step is to hear from you. Please join us Monday, October 3, from 7pm–9pm, at the Crocker Farm Elementary Cafeteria, where we will be having honest, direct conversations about diversity, inclusion, and landlord-tenant issues. These face-to-face discussions will help us to understand these issues more fully and will be of great influence in shaping Amherst’s Charter.

We’re listening.

We look forward to working with you and fellow Amherst residents over the next year to design an alternative municipal charter that reflects Amherst’s ideals and values.  Keep updated through our website ( or on Facebook ( for meeting times and more public events. Be heard!

Thank you so much,

Your Charter Commission

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