PGO Grant Funds ARHS Performing Arts

FullSizeRenderThis year the PGO Grant Funded the ARHS Performing Arts.  They had a New Idea Grant awarded to the Theater Company to host the visit of playwright Anne Washburn, who visited the school in May, right on the heels of us producing her play Mr. Burns: a Post-Electric Play.
Anne’s visit combined a student workshop on playwriting with a public talk later that evening on playwriting and contemporary theater.  In addition, Anne had an hour-long Skype meeting in the weeks prior to her visit with the student director of Mr. Burns – Nathan Baron-Silvern ’17.
All facets of the event went terrifically – students got meaningful time with a nationally-recognized and award-winning playwright (Mr. Burns was one of the country’s top 10 most-produced plays a couple of years ago, and her star continues to rise), the public got to come into the school to her a talk with her, and the school has been able to extend its exciting run of hosting high-caliber playwrights in these past 3 years, with the promise of more visits to come.
To that final point, Anne reported a terrific experience while here and – unprompted – made an offer to help us reach out to her professional peers should we wish to host further invitations in the future.  The PGO grant has helped facilitate all of this work.
Thanks again for supporting us!  It’s thrilling to have our students exposed to some of the country’s top talent in the playwriting world and we hope we’ve sown the seeds for future visits.
And – here’s a picture of Anne, the student director of Burns, Nathan, and John Bechtold, Department Chair.
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