Attn Juniors and Seniors Interested in GCC

Are you a Junior or Senior who may be interested in attending Greenfield Community College and want to know more? If so, we are taking a field trip to tour the campus and learn about admissions, services, programs, etc. The trip will take place on Friday, 2/14/20 in the morning. You will be back in time for 3rd lunch. Permission slips can be picked up in the guidance office and need to be returned to Ms. Garrity in Guidance by next FRIDAY, JANUARY 31ST, THE LATEST

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Attn Seniors: You Got Accepted — Now What? How to Choose a College

Please take time (15 minutes MAX) to note your college decisions in Naviance – Admit, Defer, waitlist, Deny, etc. Also, know that the folks on the College Planning Team are here to support you. Your Friendly Neighborhood College and Career Counselor – Deidre Cuffee-Gray

I was accepted to a “reach” school

Jonathan O., college junior

Jonathan didn’t feel he knew much about college, but he found help with the application process.


If you’ve received acceptance offers from more than one college, congratulations! Your hard work has paid off, and now you get to choose which college is best for you.

Don’t worry about choosing that one perfect college — there’s no such thing. The bottom line is that college is what you make of it: What you do while you’re there matters more than the college name on your diploma. Here’s how to make your decision.

You don’t have to decide overnight, but don’t miss the reply deadline.

Get More Information

You already have a lot of information about each college, but digging a little deeper can help you make the best choice for you.

Ask questions. Create a list of any questions you still have about the colleges you’re considering. You may want to get answers to questions like these:

  • How many students return after freshman year? How many graduate?
  • Does the college offer a lot of majors I’m interested in?
  • What can I do for fun?
  • What kinds of students feel at home at this college?

Get answers. The best place to get an answer depends on the question. Here are some of the resources that can provide information:

  • People who work at the college
  • Current students at the college
  • The college’s official website and its College Search profile

As you search for answers, it’s important to use only trustworthy sources of information and to recognize the difference between fact and opinion. A college’s official website and its admission officers are often the best sources of factual information about that college.

Visit — or revisit — the campuses. If possible, check out a college’s campus to get more information. If you can’t visit a campus, call or email the admission office with your questions. Ask if someone there can put you in touch with current students and recent graduates. Your high school counselor and teachers also may know students who graduated from your high school and now attend the college.

Think things over. You’ve done research and asked questions. Now it’s time to check your own thoughts and feelings. Ask yourself questions like these:

  • How did I feel when I was on campus at each college I visited?
  • Which colleges best match my list of must-haves?
  • At which colleges can I imagine myself as successful and happy?

Compare the colleges. Use your new information to sort the colleges by what they offer and what you want. Make a list of the pros and cons for each college. You can also use College Search to compare up to three colleges side by side.

Compare Financial Aid Awards

This is an important step for many students. The Compare Your Aid Awards tool lets you compare up to four offers side by side. Talk to your family about which colleges work best financially. You should make decisions about financial aid, such as whether you should take a student loan or work-study job, together.

Make Your Decision You don’t have to decide overnight. Many colleges don’t expect your final decision until May 1, so you have some time to make up your mind. But remember that colleges are serious about reply deadlines. If you don’t send your deposit in time, you risk losing your place.

Respond to the Colleges

Once you’ve decided which college you want to attend, inform all the colleges that accepted you about your decision.

Respond to the college you’ve decided to attend. Make sure to send in the following items by the deadline:

  • Your acceptance letter
  • A deposit
  • A separate acceptance letter for financial aid, if required
  • Any other required items

Respond to the colleges whose offers you’re declining. Send a brief note to the other colleges to thank them and turn down their offers. This frees up places for other students.


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Attention Seniors: Community Foundation of Western Mass

Apply Now

Each year the Community Foundation of Western Mass offers over 130 different scholarships and 2 different interest-free loans, resulting in over 1000 individual scholarship and loan awards of approximately $2 million.The good news is you just have to submit one application and you will be matched with all of the scholarships for which you’re eligible.


Two scholarships of note for ARHS students are the First National Bank of America Centennial Educational Scholarship Fund, which is specifically for graduating ARHS seniors, and the Wilbur. H. H. Ward Education Fund, with a preference for Amherst residents attending UMass Amherst.


Our Scholarship and Loan application opens on January 1 and closes March 31.  We do not accept applications and/or supplemental materials after the deadline.


  1. You complete and submit the online application.
  2. You upload your most recent academic transcript containing all the information listed below.
  • Your name,
  • The name of your high school, college, or university,
  • If you provide us with a copy of your transcript from a student portal and it does not include the name of your college, university, or high school, it must clearly show the name in a url:,
  • All classes you have taken with the grades you received in each class,
  • Courses you are currently taking but haven’t yet received a grade,
  • Classes you are registered for but haven’t yet taken (this may not apply to some students),
  • Your cumulative GPA for all your classes taken to date.
  • If your high school, college or university does not calculate GPA we will accept it.
  1. You upload all pages of your 2020-2021 Student Aid Report(the document you receive, usually by email, once you complete the FAFSA).

*** NOTE: Sometimes students upload incorrect documents with their application and don’t realize it.  If this happens, and you don’t resubmit accurate information by March 31, your application is considered incomplete and won’t be considered for scholarships and loans. We encourage you to follow up with us at to be sure your application is complete on time.


Click here to see the full timeline


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FPA Valentines Day Gala- Tickets on Sale Now!


Friday, February 14, 2020 6 PM – 9PM at the Munson Memorial Library

This event is not one to miss! There will be live music from the Amherst Regional High School’s jazz band. There will be dancing and delicious food as well. It is a great place to spend Valentine’s Day! This events proceeds will go to the Amherst Regional High school’s Philadelphia field trip scholarship fund. Not only will you help your community, you will have fun too!

Tickets can be purchased at: Eventbrite

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Come Learn about Vaping and Your Adolescent: The Hazards and Prevention

Monday, February 24, 2020 from 6:00-7:30 p.m.For parents/guardians of students in grades 9-12. For more information, please see the Vaping flyers

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Host Families Needed

Amherst Regional Middle School is once again hosting students from Kanegasaki, Japan, March 18th -March 22nd, 2020.  Host families are needed for this visit.  Students from Kanegasaki have been coming to Amherst for over 25 years.  This cultural exchange program has been the core of the long-standing relationship that has linked our two sister cities. If your family is interested in hosting, please pick up an application from Mr. Luis Gomba, Guidance Counselor or email Mr. Gomba can also be reached at (413)362-1838. You may also contact Ms. Tiffany McGee at or (413)362-1400.

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Mark Your Calendars

Jan 20 – No School; MLK Jr Day

Jan 21 – Semester 2 Begins

Jan 30- Chorale Lasagna Dinner

Feb 5- MCAS Retake (Biology)

Feb 6- MCAS Retake (Biology)

Feb 10- S1 Grades

Feb 12- Coffee with the Assistant Principal 7PM ARHS Library

Feb 14- ARPS FPA Valentines Day Gala

Feb 14- GCC Field Trip

Feb 17-21- No School (February Vacation)

March 2- MCAS ELA Retest

March 4- Early Release; MCAS ELA Retake

March 5- MCAS ELA Retest

March 6- MCAS Retest Math

March 12-15- ARHS Musical

March 19- Combined Chorus Concert

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