The Parent News is published by the ARHS Parent Guardian Organization.  It is an informational service and does *not* reflect views of the PGO or the Amherst Regional Public Schools.

The mission of the ARHS PGO is to promote communication and understanding among families, staff and the Amherst Area Community; to foster a spirit of collaboration by providing a forum for participation and the exchange of information and ideas; and to provide financial assistance where needed to enrich the academic and overall experience of all students.

All parents/guardians of Amherst Regional High School (ARHS) students are members of the ARHS Parent Center.

2015/2016 Board Members

Executive Board:  Jen Veshia, Becky Demling, , Colleen Osten (Secretary), Lynn Hayes (Treasurer),Margot Shea O’Connor.

PGO Grants Committee: Margot Shea O’Connor, Erika Zekos, Lynn Hayes, Jen Veshia, Lorin Starr, , Colleen Osten, Gwen Shook, Penny Herter, Clare Bertrand.

PGO Treasurer: Lynn Hayes

Stop & Shop Fundraiser Coordinators: Liz Rosenberry, Elly Hosea & Malou Hafner.

PGO Coffee Coordinator: Becky Demling

Newsletter & Website: Mare Fox, Becky Demling, Jennifer Foley, Colleen Osten, Margot Shea O’Connor

Teacher Appreciation Luncheon Coordinator: Cindy Naughton & Andra Rose

New Family Welcome Dinner: Gwen Shook

You can contact the ARHS PGO by sending an email to the address “arhspgonews” at “arhsparentcenter.org”