Important MCAS Information for Sophomores

The MCAS Science and Technology & Engineering (STE) tests will be given to all 10th grade students at 7:45 a.m. on Tuesday, June 2, and Wednesday, June 3, at the high school.  Students will need to check the room list posted on the bulletin board in the front lobby to find out in which classroom they will be testing.  It is very important that students arrive on time on testing days and report directly to their assigned room.  Please note:  students are permitted to use calculators for all STE tests.  They are required for the Chemistry and Engineering & Technology tests, and may be used, but aren’t required, for Biology.  Students should bring their own; however, if a student does not have a personal calculator, one will be provided to them.  There will be no access to lockers during testing time, but students may bring school work or books in a subject area other than Science to work on after they have completed and handed in their testing materials.  Remember: be sure your student gets a good night’s rest, and eats a healthy breakfast each morning!  We appreciate parent/guardian support of our students during this testing period.
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