Stop and Shop Fundraiser – Success!

S&S Check 2015Thanks to all of you who participated in the ARHS PGO Stop & Shop A+ Rewards Fundraiser. We raised $17,398.80 for ARHS for the 2015-2016 school year! ARHS was the third highest earner in the entire State! These Stop & Shop funds are the ONLY source of money for the ARHS PGO Grant Program. The number of cards we register increases the amount of money ARHS receives from Stop & Shop. The more cards the greater the reward! Can we keep this fundraiser going for future students? Help us by registering your Stop & Shop card now. Click on the link in the right sidebar, “Support ARHS” and send us your 13-digit Stop & Shop card number along with the first three letters of your last name. We will take care of the rest!

A huge thanks goes out to this year’s volunteers who made this fundraiser and the ARHS PGO Grants Program happen: Liz Rosenberry, Elly Hosea, Margot O’Connor, Jen Veshia, Colleen Osten, Lynn Hayes, Lorin Starr, Penny Herter, Gwen Shook, Clare Bertrand, Carla Becker, Jyl Gentzler, Barb Johnston, Tamara Kaplan, Kathy Layer, Nicola Metcalf, Meneske Sakirt, Elizabeth Tan and Baer Tierkel. The PGO would also like to thank Terry Ominsky, in the ARHS Main Office, who oversees ALL the paperwork associated with the distribution of these grant funds!! Thank you!

Over $22,000 was awarded to ARHS teachers, staff and students groups this academic year – all thanks to this fundraiser!!

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