Help Us Raise Money For Grants!

GRANTSWe raised over $17K for the ARHS PGO Grants Program last year! Let’s beat that amount this year!! The funds ARHS receives annually from Stop & Shop is limited only by the number of cards we register.  Please take a moment to REGISTER (or re-register) your card, it benefits all our students! It couldn’t be easier! Enter the first three letters of your last name and your 13-digit Stop & Shop card number and click the “Look Up” button. On the next page where it says “school 1” enter Amherst Regional High School’s ID #05167, click “Register” and please make sure to take the last step by clicking “confirm my information.” 

Another way to help raise Stop & Shop funds is to greet shoppers on their way into the Hadley store and ask for their support. A two hour shift at Stop & Shop translates to about $400 at the end of the year for ARHS, which directly benefits your student! There are still 2-hour shifts available. Can you fill one? Click here to sign up!

Thank you!

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