Correction: A Letter from School Committee Member Kathleen Traphagen

Local friends with kids in the Amherst schools, there are 3 big projects happening-or being considered this fall. Now is a good time to pay attention, get your questions answered and make sure your voice is heard. 1) Wildwood School Building Project (not a great name because the options under consideration could impact ALL elementary students). This project will either (if town approves $) 1) renovate WW, 2) build a new WW or 3) re-organize our elementary schools to create two elementary schools for all Amherst students: a preK-1 at Crocker Farm and a new second-sixth grade school. 2) consolidating the middle and high schools into a 7-12 school in the high school building; and 3) regionalizing preK-6th grades just as we now have 7-12 regionalized (meaning some combination of Pelham, Shutesbury, and Leverett would join Amherst to create a PreK-12 Regional District. Lots happening! My school committee colleague Richard Hood has been posting excellent information about all this and I have been remiss. But I’m going to take his lead.

Amherst, Shutesbury, Leverett and Pelham — parents — coming up there are lots of opportunities to learn more and make sure your voices are heard about the significant school changes being considered this fall. Wildwood School Building Project – not just about Wildwood! — Community Forums Monday October 26 at 3:30 and at 7:00 in the high school library . 7-12 Consolidation: Thursday October 15 at 6:30PM at Shutesbury Elementary School and Monday October 19 at 5:30PM at ARHS: “Listening Sessions” and Saturday November 7 9AM-3PM a “Hurricane Revisioning Summit”. Regionalization: Tuesday October 6 6:30 at ARHS, and Wed Oct 21 in Leverett, location TBD. Also November 18 at 6:30PM, Shutesbury Elementary School. Hope to see you at any and all of these!

-Kathleen Traphagen
For more information, please read: Community Listening Sessions – English and Spanish (1)

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