Upcoming Coming Together Community Conversation

comingtogetherPlease join us for: “Community Conversations: Planning Some Action Steps”
Tuesday, October 27, 7:00PM – 8:45PM

We invite everyone in the community to come together at The Jones Library to brainstorm, discuss, form action teams, and plan to initiate action steps to help dismantle racism in our community and beyond.

We will invite participants to suggest action projects and the organizers will offer suggestions as well – things “ordinary” people can do locally to make a difference. After some brief discussion there will be an opportunity for each person to select a proposed action step and meet with a small group of others who are interested in pursuing that idea together.

We see this as a continuation of:
a well-attended community conversation that happened last fall,
ongoing discussions that have occurred in meetings and/or film showings in each of our sponsoring organizations over the past year,
the call to action at the end of the NAACP walk a few weeks ago, and
the question, “What can we do?” that has been raised repeatedly by local people who care about dismantling racism.
This is part of our ongoing work of building a powerful movement for racial justice.

Racism tries to divide us, silence us, and make us feel powerless in the face of systemic oppression. Together we can accomplish things we can’t do alone. All of us have limited time, but many of us want to be sure we are taking some effective action. This meeting is for people of all racial backgrounds and all identities. Please join us Tuesday, October 27th at 7PM.

Yours in solidarity,
Coming Together: Understanding Racism, Working for Justice & Building Connections
Amherst Racial Equity/UROC

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