Sign Your Card Up for the Stop & Shop A+ Rewards Program

GRANTSParents and community members have been raising money for the ARHS PGO Grants Program by registering their Stop & Shop cards for the A+ Rewards Program. If you have not already done so, please take a moment to REGISTER (or re-register) your card, by clicking on the link in the sidebar to the right on this page. It couldn’t be easier! Enter the first three letters of your last name and your 13-digit Stop & Shop card number and click the “Look Up” button. On the next page where it says “school 1” enter Amherst Regional High School’s ID #05167, click “Register” and please make sure to take the last step by clicking “confirm my information.”

Another way to help raise Stop & Shop funds is to greet shoppers on their way into the Hadley store and ask for their support. A two hour shift at Stop & Shop translates to about $400 at the end of the year for ARHS, which directly benefits your student! Many thanks to Cindy Naughton for volunteering at the store last week! There are still 2-hour shifts available. Can you fill one? Click here to sign up.

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