School Equity Task Force News

The School Equity Task Force was created by unanimous vote of the Amherst Regional School Committee in the Spring of 2014. Our charge is to help ARHS provide all students an innovative and academically exceptional education in an environment that embraces racial, cultural, and socio-economic diversity and where the educational workforce of our schools proportionately reflects, as closely as reasonably possible, the diversity of the school district as a whole. This educational experience and environment must include facilities and other human and capital resources that are equitable to support the district’s mission of Excellence in Teaching and Learning for All. The SETF is studying and making recommendations for short- and long-range actions concerning but not limited to the following: developing a school climate founded upon mutual respect; addressing discipline issues, especially racial/ethnic and socioeconomic disparities; and other equity issues related to achieving the Amherst Regional High School’s core values and beliefs of “high achievement, best practices, and social justice.”

To achieve this we have launched three working groups: Culture, Community & School Climate; Discipline Disparity & Development; and Excellence & Equity SETF is a multi-racial group of School Committee members, school leaders, community members, parents and family members of ARPS students.

Participation in the Task Force is open to everyone in the community. Our meetings are open to the public and are posted on the calendar at Our work is ongoing.

For more information on the SETF, http://file:///C:/Users/Mare/Downloads/SETF%20Brochure%20for%20Taste%205.pdf

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