ARHS Library Seeking to BORROW Yearbooks (the Goldbug) from 1983 & 1985!


The ARHS Library is applying to the Digital Commonwealth to scan yearbooks for us, so that we can offer them online for our students and alumni.  We have put together an almost complete collection (with help from the Jones Library), but we are missing the years of 1983 and 1985.
Do you know someone who may be willing to loan a 1983 or 1985 yearbook to us for an extended period of time?  The books will be shipped to the Internet Archive where they will be scanned.  Once the collection is shipped back (approximately within 8-10 weeks), we would return your copy.
We already have over 40 yearbooks online!  Check them out at this link:
(If you are trying to access the yearbooks from out of state, then contact Leslie Lomasson, ARHS Librarian (, to set up an individual account for you.)
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