Important Voter Registartion Dates from the LWV

registerDid you know that voters must be 18 by election day (not necessarily by the day they register), and of course they must be U.S. citizens.
Other useful information:

If you have an ID issued by the Mass Registry of Motor Vehicles (e.g., a drivers license), you can now register on line.  Visit and click the “Massachusetts Register to Vote Online” button to access the online application system.  (You can also update your address or change your party affiliation here if you are already registered.)  If you don’t have the appropriate ID, you can still get a form here to print, sign and deliver to the Town Clerk’s office (of the town where you reside, preferably, for your students from surrounding areas such as Pelham, Leverett or Shutesbury.)  Of course, those offices also have registration forms.

In this state, you may vote in the primary elections even if you have not registered in a party.  If you register in a party you can only get the ballot of that party.  If not, you can choose your ballot on election day.

Important dates:

February 10:  Last day to register to vote in the Presidential primary election on March 1.  If you will be 18, this will be an exciting election for your first time out!

March 9:  Last day to register to vote in the March 29 Town Election for Amherst residents.  (Surrounding towns do not have local elections this time of year.)  In addition to candidates for Town offices and Town meeting, there is also at least one ballot initiative in this election, to form a committee to review and possibly revise the Town Charter.

August 19:  Last day to register to vote in the primary election on September 8 (for offices other than President–federal, state, and perhaps district or local, depending on where you live.)

October 19:  Last day to register to vote in the general election on November 8 (for President, other federal, state and local offices and state ballot measures.)

For more information, please visit the Amherst Town Clerk’s site at


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