ARHS PGO Grant Funds Science Dept.

Thanks to a PGO grant the Science Department at ARHS was able to purchase three electronic dissolved oxygen sensors.  These sensors have changed how the water quality unit is taught in AP Environmental Science.  In the past the class relied on chemical test kits that were difficult to use and very unreliable, labs were crude and the results were unpredictable.  This year students were able to set up water samples and observe what happened to the dissolved oxygen real-time under different conditions.  They could simulate the effects of adding organic waste to a lake or river and experiment with ways to prevent the dissolved oxygen from dropping to critical levels.  This took the science of dissolved oxygen, which past classes have mostly just discussed in theory, and made it observable and real to students. These dissolved oxygen sensors will also be used in future Biology classes benefiting all ARHS students.

Funding for ARHS PGO Grants comes solely from our Stop & Shop fundraiser, please consider registering your card at The program ends March 17, 2016.

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