PGO Grant Spotlight on Science

Gas Law ApparatusThanks to a recent ARHS PGO Grant the ARHS Science Department has new Gas Law Apparatuses for the Chemistry classes. This grant was made possible through money raised in our Stop&Shop A+  School Rewards program participation.  Here is some feedback from Chemistry Teacher Mike Thompson:

I got a chance to test-drive the gas law apparatuses last week in my Chemistry in the Community classes and they worked better than I had hoped. When studying gas laws, it always helps to graph real data to help students understand where the equations come from. I’m attaching a graph that contains the data that we collected with the apparatuses. The points fit a perfect curve. It was SO helpful to have reliable data for the students to analyze. It clearly shows the inverse relationship between the volume and the pressure of a gas. (As the volume increases, the pressure decreases and vice-versa). I’m also attaching a copy of the lab I designed for the devices. I’ll probably revise it a bit before doing it with my students in T3.

At any rate, thanks again for helping us build our repertoire of authentic labs and allowing us to purchase equipment that we otherwise could not afford!

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