AEF 2016 Excellence Grant Recipients

Amherst Education Foundation received fourteen applications and awarded five grantees a total of $35,400.  They are:

  • Champion Course for Elementary Math Coaches: This grant funds math coaches to attend math intervention courses targeting under-performing students of color and lower socioeconomic students in grades 3-6 at the three Amherst elementary schools.
    Grant Applicant: Fort River Math Coach Amy Chang. AEF Grant: $5000
  • The Culture Bearers Project: This grant creates cultural enrichment programs at all four elementary schools by bringing in visiting artists to involve students in performing and learning.
    Grant applicant: Fort River Music Teacher Anne White. AEF Grant: $5400
  • ARHS Digital Music Lab: This grant pays for hardware and software for two new classes for students to compose, analyze and perform music. The new classes provide access to music to students who are not in other music programs and enables students using similar technology at ARMS to continue their music education.
    Grant Applicant: ARHS Performing Arts Director John Bechtold. AEF Grant: $10,000
  • 21st Century Biology: Building Biotechnology into the ARHS Curriculum: This grant pays for the purchase of electrophoresis equipment and pipettes, enabling the innovative inclusion of gas electrophoresis technology into all eleven high school biology classes.
    Grant Applicant: ARHS Biology Teacher Michael Cardozo. AEF Grant: $10,000
  • Access to Technology for Students with Special Needs: This grant enables the purchase of fifteen laptops and external mice to benefit 100 Special Education Students at ARHS.
    Grant Applicant: Rebecca Herskovitz. AEF Grant: $5000

These grants will positively impact the education of students throughout the Amherst-Pelham Regional School District. We are so proud to be supporting our teachers and staff in their efforts to provide a first-rate educational experience for our children.

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