We have a group of 21 high school kids coming in from the Doshisha School, the sister high school of Amherst College, from July 22 to August 11 –this school sends kids every year and they have a wonderful time. In the mornings, the kids go to classes at Amherst College and in the afternoons there are “field trips” that your children are welcome to go to also-to Sturbridge Village, multi-arts, Emily Dickinson house, as well as hiking, sports days and much more. We have been doing this for years and Becky and I are still in touch with our students. It’s a great cultural opportunity and so much fun for everyone! If you can only do half of the home stay that’s a possibility also. There is a stipend, $20 a day, which you get about 2 months after they leave, and the kids bring their own money for eating out, shopping, etc so you are only responsible for feeding them at home. There are also carpools in case you have trouble driving to/picking up from any time.

Please contact me as soon as possible as these kids are anxious to “meet” their host families on paper- if you are able to help or know of anyone who can. Also if you haven’t done this before I’ll be glad to answer any questions. My e-mail isDianedavidson711@gmail.com (it has changed since last summer)-
Thanks so much!

Diane Caraker

Teacher Guide


(Becky’s mom-grade 10)

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