Opioid Awareness and Treatment Resources

On Wednesday, May 25, the ARHS PGO and Principal Jackson hosted Robbin Suprenant, the head nurse for Amherst public schools, and Julie Federman, the Health and Community Services Director for the Amherst Health Department to discuss Adolescents and Substance Abuse including school, town and state initiatives to raise awareness and discuss resources available. Heather Warner, Coordinator of the SPIFFY Coalition (Strategic Planning Initiative for Families and Youth) provided information about alcohol, marijuana and other use rates at ARHS from a survey conducted in 2015.

This fall, ARHS and the Amherst Health Department and the SPIFFY Coalition will outline a series of initiatives to address youth substance use including alcohol, marijuana and opioid use and misuse locally. Speaker Dr. Ruth Potee is scheduled to present to parents on September 22, 2016. To view one of her presentations on Addiction, please click here.

Additionally, handouts from Hampshire Hope were presented. Hampshire Hope is a collaboration of individuals, health care organizations, community groups, social service agencies, government agencies, local health departments, Office of Northwestern District Attorney, law enforcement agencies, first responders and others who have joined together in a comprehensive effort to reduce and prevent opiod use and abuse in our region. Their website (www.hampshirehope.org) offers facts to build awareness and information to prevent Opioid use and misuse, signs for recognizing abuse as well as treatment resources.

More information about The SPIFFY Coalition can be found at: sspiffycoalition.org. SPIFFY is a coalition of over 80 community partners working together to improve outcomes for youth in Hampshire County. Together we promote strong families and create a local culture where youth are supported to make healthy choices.

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