Fall 2016 GCC Classes

gccThere will be multiple opportunities to take GCC classes in Amherst next year.

Four evening courses will be held at ARMS in the fall and open to both students and community members:

  • ENGLISH 101 (English Composition I: Expository Writing)
  • ESL 114 (Spoken English-High Intermediate Level)
  • PSYCHOLOGY 101 (Principles of Psychology)
  • SPANISH 102 (Elementary Spanish II)

We anticipate that four additional evening courses will be offered in the spring.

For high school juniors and seniors only, two classes will be held during the school day at the high school during the spring semester:

  • ENGLISH 101 (English Composition I: Expository Writing)
  • ANTHROPOLOGY 104 (Cultural Anthropology: Tribes, States and the Global System)

An information session and an opportunity to take the Accuplacer placement test (a requirement for the English, Psychology, and Anthropology courses) will take place at ARHS at 2:30 on Tuesday, June 7th.  Students planning on taking the Accuplacer must arrive no later than 3 p.m.  This information session is for ARHS students only.  There will be a similar information session/Accuplacer testing session for community members in July.

Students interested in taking the GCC courses offered at the high school next spring must meet with their guidance counselor as soon as possible after attending the information session (and before the school year ends) to adjust your course requests.  For students planning to take both ENG 101 and ANT 104 or just ENG 101, you will be scheduled for college class E, F, and G periods in 2nd semester.  For students planning to take just ANT 104, you will be scheduled for college class F and G periods in 2nd semester.

GCC is committed to waiving the tuition and fees for students taking their first college-level GCC class.  Students not eligible for the tuition and fee waiver can expect the cost for a 3-credit class to be approximately $700.

For more information please contact the GCC Office of Admission at (413) 775 -1801 or admissions@gcc.mass.edu.


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