Next Week is Concussion Awareness Week

thinktaylor  Next week is ThinkTaylor Concussion Awareness Week: A week-long event (September 12-16) in partnership with the MIAA to help raise awareness and provide education for concussion safety. Check in with your student-athlete to see how she/he is participating.

Wristbands & Educational Bag Tags – For every Varsity team – Student-athletes will wear wristbands during games next week. Bag tags will be attached to show support and to use the back as a reminder of concussion symptoms.

The #TTPLEDGE – Coaches and student-athletes are asked to make the pledge – to be EDUCATED on the signs & symptoms of concussions, to be HONEST with coaches, parents, teammates and teachers and to be SUPPORTIVE of anyone with a concussion.

Who is ThinkTaylor: ThinkTaylor was founded by former Major League Soccer all-star and current ESPN Lead Soccer Analyst, Taylor Twellman. Twellman retired from professional soccer in 2010, due to complications from multiple concussions. In 2008, Taylor suffered a concussion that many believe ended his storied career and as Twellman later realized, this brain injury was far more than a career-ending injury; rather, it was a life-changing event. ThinkTaylor is driven and dedicated to changing the culture in the world of concussions. As a leader in the social change for concussion safety, ThinkTaylor’s positive message emphasizing awareness, recognition, education and putting the health of kids first helps create positive social change and in return a safer, healthier and smarter environment. ThinkTaylor is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization. More information can be found at

We have only one brain and it needs to last a lifetime.

We’re all in this together.


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