Tidbits for Seniors from Myra Ross:

class of 2017Hello Seniors,
I will be visiting all Physics, Physics Waves, Astronomy, AP Environmental Science classes by next Monday.  If you are not enrolled in one of these classes, please plan to attend one of the presentations.  See Mrs. Cappelli in Guidance for information.

There is a big typo on the orange back cover of the handbook:
Sunday, September 18 is the College Fair at Western New England University from 2:00-4:00, with a financial aid info session at 1:00.

Monday, September 19 is the Early Decision/Early Action workshop in the ARHS choral room from 2:30-3:30 p.m.  the listing on page 11 of the handbook is correct.

About eight of you have signed up for texts from Remind, a disappointing response I have to say.  Using it is extra work for me, so unless more than 50% of seniors sign up by next Monday, I will not use it.  See the last Tidbits for precise sign-up instructions.

Naviance and Recommendations:  As I indicated in a previous Tidbits, Naviance cleared out the entire recommendation interface that many of you used to request your teacher recommendations last spring.  All of you need to go into the new one, found under Colleges/letters of recommendation, ASAP!

  • You must put one college into Colleges I’m Applying To (not Colleges I’m Thinking About) before you can request a recommendation.
  • The new interface requires you to select the particular teacher recommendations you wish to send to each college.
  • Some colleges will accept only one recommendation, some two and some more than two.  You must decide which is the most important recommendation you requested and put that teacher in first for any given college.
  • If you put several colleges in at once and if you have the same recommendation preferences for all of them, you can use the select all colleges feature to simplify the task a little.
  • If you go back later and select more colleges, you will need to select teachers individually in order of your preference, for each additional college.  (There is a link to the recommendations list on the Colleges I’m Applying To page.)
  • Naviance may still make some small changes, but they have been very responsive to torrents of criticism of the interface they rolled out last week!  If you find that there are still some features that do not work well, see Mrs. Tracy in room 309 promptly.  She has the head programmer’s phone number and will let him know!
  • Because teachers often use your deadlines to determine which recommendations they write first, it behooves you to let them know ASAP if you are going to apply anywhere in November, either early decision, early action or to a rolling admission college.  I recommend that you talk to them in person AND make your official recommendation requests this week if you know you will file an early application.  This means for example, if you are applying to UMass early action (November 1 deadline), you should indicate that in Naviance very soon.  Teachers are waiting to hear from you.
  • Please complete your Senior Questionnaire for College Conference and make an appointment to meet with me for your senior meeting and with your counselor regarding your required recommendation ASAP.  You will find that the senior year moves along very fast, so don’t delay taking care of this and working on your college application and essay(s).  If you do a little work regularly, you will not get as stressed out as you will if you leave it until “tomorrow.”


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