Community Kickoff Day This Afternoon

Today is Community Kickoff Day at ARHS.  The afternoon will be dedicated to building community and having fun.  The students will be following an Early Release Day schedule and will move into advisories at noon.  Around 1 pm, the whole school will move outside for class photos, music, ice cream provided by the PGO, and various other activities for the remainder of the school day, including the signing of a new banner which will be displayed at the school.
In advisories, students will discuss the new school norms campaign developed by a group of students and staff last year.  The message is: Proud to be ARHS…Supportive, Accountable, Upstanding, Diverse, Inclusive.  Students will review the full text of the poster campaign (which is comprised of student-written examples of each norm in action), watch videos of people who exercise these norms in their lives, and commit to incorporating one of these norms into their daily lives.
You are encouraged to check out the materials used during this advisory by clicking the links below.

Proud to be ARHS

Proud to be Diverse:

1) My friends and I have different beliefs, yet we recognize our differences, discuss them, and move past them.

2) When I moved to this school, I was able to meet new friends from different races and cultures.

Proud to be Inclusive:

1) I saw someone sitting alone at lunch and I asked them to come over and sit with me and my friends.  I introduced them to everyone, included them in the conversation, and said they were welcome to sit with us whenever.

2) I was in charge of an extracurricular activity and I made an effort to include students with a wide variety of interests, abilities, and skills.

3) I came out to my friends and they accepted me without question.

Proud to be Accountable:

1) I hurt someone else because of the things I said.  I apologized to them and will make an effort to be aware of the effect my words can have on other people.

2) I made a joke that went too far.  I noticed that I made someone feel embarrassed so I apologized for offending them.

Proud to be Upstanding:

1) I overheard a conversation during which offensive/hurtful words were spoken.  I stepped in and told them that the words they were using were unacceptable and unkind.

2) I saw someone purposely spill another student’s lunch.  I witnessed another student kindly ask that student to pick up the food and remind them that someone else would have to clean it up if they didn’t.

3) A friend was threatening to hurt himself.  I told his parents even though it could have cost our friendship.

4) I did not agree with a teacher and I wrote to the teacher and expressed my opinion.

Proud to be Supportive:

1) I saw someone struggling to understand the work.  I saw another student explaining and helping them.  This reassured me that whenever I am confused, I can ask for help without feeling embarrassed.

2) I saw a friend who looked like they were having a hard day, so I talked to them and gave them a hug.

3) I see students who may be upset about many different issues, and I see teachers take time to listen and help out.  They treat “different kinds” of students with equal respect and kindness.

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