Principal Seeks Feedback About Homework

Mark Jackson’s podcast addresses the following issues: Community Kickoff Events on 9/23; student’s nightly homework loads under the semester schedule; and the opioid epidemic.

He notes that the community kickoff events will be held during advisory. The events are a continuation of work begun last year in connection with dialogue day.  After that event, students identified norms that they observed in the school.  They are: supportive, accountable, upstanding, diverse and inclusive.  This year posters with personal account concerning those norms are displayed throughout the school.

Mr. Jackson also focused on homework under the new semester schedule.  He said staff is determining whether the goal of 30 minutes of homework each night is feasible with five classes.  He said staff is exploring the issue of how to adjust the curriculum to make the new course load manageable.  He said this is a work in progress.  It is a priority.  Mr. Jackson is seeking feedback on homework.

He also asked the community to consider what can be done to address the opioid and heroin epidemic in Western Massachusetts.

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