size_550x415_arhspgo_logo_red_copyThe Amherst Regional High School Parent/Guardian Organization (ARHS PGO) is a volunteer group of parents and guardians, and invite you to join us!

What We Do For You: PGO Weekly Newsletter

Our weekly email newsletter will keep you informed about upcoming events, deadlines, news and more. We welcome you to submit information that is helpful to the ARHS community. You can sign up to receive the newsletter via email at: The newsletter can also be accessed from the front page of the ARHS website or at

What We Do For You: PGO Grant Program

The PGO Grant Program uses funds raised through the Stop & Shop A+ Rewards Program to award more than $15, 000 annually to staff members in every department. We also offer a Student-Initiated Grant Program to generate additional creative and innovative ideas that benefit the entire ARHS Community. When you register your Stop & Shop card with us, Stop & Shop makes a contribution to ARHS every time you shop at absolutely no cost to you. This is the sole source of funding for our grant program. Please provide your Stop & Shop card information by following the link in our newsletter even if you have registered in the past so we can assure that your participation is up to date.

What We Do For You: Community Events/Coffees with Principal Jackson and Others

Each trimester the ARHS PGO invites the principal and other guest speakers to present on a variety of relevant topics. Join us and stay connected! We also provide support for annual events including the new family welcome dinner, course registration information session, college process information session, staff appreciation lunch and community kick off day.

What YOU Can Do: Register Your Stop & Shop Card, Donate and/or Volunteer

We encourage you to register your Stop & Shop card so that we can continue to bolster our students’ high school experience. As mentioned above, you can register your Stop & Shop card by following the link in our newsletter. You can also make a tax-deductible donation to the PGO by going to the website and clicking on the donation tab. Last but not least, you can become a PGO volunteer. There are tasks to fit every schedule and skill set, including current opportunities to serve on our grants committee, represent the ARHS PGO at district-wide meetings, assist with treasurer duties, help coordinate the annual staff appreciation lunch, and more! If you would like to volunteer please by contacting us at

Thank you in advance for your help!
The ARHS PGO Board

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