Cap & Gown Measurements

class-of-2017Cap & Gown measurements for this year’s graduating class will take place this Friday, December 9 during all lunch periods in room 146 at ARHS. University Cap & Gown is the company that provides this service and a representative will be here to take orders. This is the only time they will be on site this year. The cost is $17.00, payable when measured, for a souvenir outfit that includes a cap, gown and tassel which the student keeps. University Cap and Gown will accept cash or a check for orders which will be delivered in late May. Extra tassels will be available for purchase this week at a cost of $3.00. Don’t forget to place your order to ensure a properly fitted gown!

Questions can be referred to Terry Ominsky by replying to this e-mail or calling 362-1706.

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