Seniors: Red Pine and Yawkey Scholarships

There are two substantial scholarships for low and middle income students that many of you should think about:

Red Pine Scholarship (

Yawkey Scholarship (

  • These are for high achievers among you who will be attending a four-year college THAT DOES NOT MEET NEED.
  • Naturally, most of you will not know where you will be going by February, when the applications are due.That means, APPLY if you meet the criteria.If it turns out that your chosen college does not meet need, you may be eligible.
  • For Red Pine, you need a family income of under $80,000.
  • For Yawkey, the family income must be under $65,000.
  • Awards are substantial, ranging from $5,000-even $25,000.
  • The application deadline for both is February 15.
  • The application process is somewhat involved, as it should be when so much money is at stake.  Do not wait until close to the last minute to apply!!

The websites are thorough.  Read them carefully for all of the necessary information.



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