Fall Semester Exam Schedule

Fall Semester Exams will be held January 17th-20th.  The schedule is:

1/17- B Period Exam

1/18- A and E Period Exams

1/19- C and F Period Exams

1/20- D and G Period Exams

For a more detailed exam schedule, click here.

Please note:

  • Exam days are NOT cycle days.
  • B period review is on Friday, Jan. 13th, which is a day 7.
  • If a class meets every other day, please follow these general guidelines:
    • Math Elective will meet for both review and exam sessions and will not alternate with Directed Study, AAC, or Academic Skills…even if that means it meets two days in a row.
    • Students who have AAC alternating with Academic Skills will attend Academic Skills.
    • Students who have AAC alternating with Directed Study will attend AAC.
  • Please remember…students may NOT take final exams early.  Here is an excerpt about exams from our Student and Family Handbook:
    • All exams are to be taken during the regularly scheduled exam period for the course. Students are not permitted to take exams before when their class is scheduled to take them. There are no exceptions.
    • Students who have an unexcused absence will receive a “0” for missed exams.  A student who misses an exam because of an excused absence will receive an INC on his/her report card.
    • Final exams missed because of an absence must be completed during the first week of the new semester.  Students who do not complete final exams during this time will receive a 0 for the final exam grade.
  • Students will be dismissed at 11:55 on both Thursday, Jan. 19th and Friday, Jan. 20th. Unless they have an appointment to meet with a teacher, students must leave the building immediately after dismissal on both days.
  • Lunch will not be served on Thursday, Jan. 19th or Friday, Jan. 20th.
  • Monday, Jan. 23rd is a teacher work day.  There is no school for students.
  • The first day of semester 2 is Tuesday, Jan. 24th.  It is a Day 1.  The day will begin in advisory to distribute semester 2 schedules.
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