Course Planning Documents for Juniors

Hello Juniors,

Below is a link to an excellent article about planning your senior year courses.  Check it out!  It comes from the blog “Best College Fit” by Peter Van Buskirk.  You might want to subscribe to the blog (free), which will help you in the college application and financial aid processes.–College+Planning+Tips+Feb

I have also included a link to the handout from Monday evening’s Naviance presentation for parents.  We ran out of them and could not make more because our copier is broken!  Juniors already have or soon will have each of the three documents in the packet.  The Important Dates has been updated to reflect changes.  I have been handing out the “Junior Homework” document in classroom presentations.  Some presentations have been snowed out and will take place after the February break.

Myra Ross

College Advisor

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