Water Bottle Filling Station Unveiled

Sarah Lee (2).JPGA new water bottle filling station was unveiled this week at ARHS just outside the cafeteria. The PGO has provided funds for this and four more water stations at the high school.

The PGO was inspired to act by the Environmental Action Club (EAC), led by student Sarah Lee, a junior, who requested grant money from the PGO last fall to support a series of events to raise awareness of environmental issues.

Their activities included Earth Day Writing Competition and T-shirt painting, which involved ten EAC student members and Dr. James Fownes, the advisor of the club. The EAC also held a tag sale with used goods donated by ARHS community to raise funds to contribute to the water bottle filling stations and purchase metal water bottles for students.

The five new filling stations are replacing older water fountains in high use locations throughout the school. Ron Bohonowitz, Director of Facilities, is in charge of installation and has worked in partnership with the EAC and PGO to identify the units and locations.

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