PGO Big Idea Grant Funds Global Citizenship Day

A new and expressive vibe took over the classrooms and halls of ARHS when the PGO Big Idea Grant, entitled Global Citizenship, manifested itself all day on Thursday, April 6. Four artists worked in over twenty classes in Dance, English, Music, and French.

Tony Vacca, a wild, local percussionist lead the group, setting a full array of percussion instruments on stage collected from around the world, as choral, jazz ensemble, and concert choir groups came to play with him.

Mamadou N’diaye, a rapper / musician from Senegal inhabited the French corridor, sharing his knowledge of cultural diversity in Senegal with Oumy Cisse’s French classes where he talked about local languages, religion, fashion, traditional musical instruments, and the origin of Rap music that has been traced to West Africa.

Tantra Zawada, an African American poet from New York City, performed poems by such well known poets as Walt Whitman and Maya Angelou, inspiring the students in 10th grade English classes to create their own “Remakes” of published poems and share them with one another.

Meanwhile, Abdou Sarr, a Senegalese dancer, taught a harvest dance to all of Tracy Vernon’s dance classes.

The day culminated in a G Block assembly, where approximately 400 students, had the opportunity to actually watch these four performers share their expertise, along with some of the students who had created performance pieces during the day.

We are so grateful for all the support and enthusiasm we received from administrators, teachers, and staff. Special thanks to the PGO for funding this project!

Oumy Cisse, Tracy Vernon, & Ellen Reich (Grant Writers)

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