Seniors: Important Tidbits from Ms Ross

  • It’s almost May 1, sun, flowers and the “National Candidate Reply date.”  If you are planning to attend a four-year college, you must deposit at one of the colleges that admitted you by midnight on Monday.


  • The Killings Family Scholarship
We received a new scholarship, donated by an ARHS graduate.


 E-mail your essay directly to the sponsor.
 Graduating senior student-athletes from ARHS are encouraged to apply for the Killings Family Scholarship. The award recipient will receive a one-time $250.00 check to be used toward their college expenses.


Submissions should be sent to, Subject “Killings Family Scholarship”

The Amherst community embraced my family and helped prepare me for the success I have experienced in my life. My father worked at Umass-Amherst for over 40 years, while my mother worked in the school system for over 20. My fondest memories are within the hallways of ARHS and the many people that touched my life. My time growing up was spent many days and nights on the playing fields within the town we call home. In 500 words or less please describe how Amherst has prepared you for the dreams you set out to achieve, and how playing sports has impacted your life. Feel free to mention any of the coaches or people that have touched your life as well, during your time growing up.
  • If you have decided to attend a community college, you should complete their online application, list the college in Naviance and take the Accuplacer exam ASAP.  We will offer it here again on Thursday, May 4.  All of the community colleges are already registering for fall classes.  The longer you wait, the fewer classes will be available to you at the times you want to take them.  See your counselor, Mrs. Cappelli or me for help.
  • Once you have made your college selection, be sure to read everything that is e-mailed or sent to you.  Be sure to adhere to deadlines for anything your college wants you to do.
  • If you are going to enroll at UMass Amherst, apply for the Dickinson scholarships.  See previous Tidbits for more information.
  • Here are the qualifications for the Hart scholarship, determined by a committee of your peers.  It’s a large award.  Applications are due in Guidance on May 1.  Please apply!  “Selected confidentially by a committee of ARHS seniors, this goes to one male and one female ARHS senior, who have shown industriousness and potential for success and have performed throughout their high school career to the utmost of their capacity and capability as a student, even if such performance has not earned high academic standing.  Special essay instructions available in the Guidance Office. Return your essay in a sealed envelope labeled only “Hart Girl or Hart Boy” on the envelope (be sure to include your name inside on the essay).”
  • As soon as you make your college decision, please put it in Naviance and complete the Graduation Survey and supplement.  This should take about three minutes.  We cannot send your final transcript to the college of your choice without these steps.  About 50 of you have done it so far!  Let’s at least double it by next Monday!
  •  Regarding waitlists:  If you are waitlisted at a college that you would really like to attend, and at which you will likely be funded adequately, I assume you have taken the necessary steps to remain on the active waitlist.  Contact your Admissions counselor next week to learn about whether they think they will be admitting students from the waitlist.  You want to be well-positioned in their mind if they do.  Remember, you cannot rely on a waitlist.  You should enroll at one of the colleges that has admitted you.

Congratulations.  You are just about finished with the college admissions process!

Myra Ross

College Advisor


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