Senior Exams

Seniors: Just a reminder that to be exempt from taking final exams, the following criteria must be met by May 19:
  • Students must not have any more than 5 – 2nd Semester absences in any one class between the dates of March 20 – May 19
    • All absences count, whether excused or not excused – these are codes: A, AI, AE, Q, W
  • Students must not have any more than 4 – 2nd Semester tardies in any one class
  • Students must have no lower than a B- average in the class with the exam
  • Students must not have any suspensions

Please note: Any unexcused absence disqualifies students from the exemption in ALL classes.

Please make sure that all absence/tardy excuse notes are turned in by May 19. After that date, no notes prior to May 19 will be accepted.
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