C2C4Charlie Benefit for Epilepsy

On June 18th Clif and Arleen Read will dip the rear wheels of their bicycles into the waters of the Pacific Ocean in Anacortes WA, and begin their 9 week, 3,712 mile ride east to Boston where they will dip their front wheels into the Atlantic (hopefully) on August 12th. They will be making this amazing journey with an incredible group of 6 core riders and a larger group of friends and family who will join them for different segments of the trip.

Many of you know that the Reads lost their son Charlie last August 15th at age 16 to Sudden Unexpected Death from Epilepsy (SUDEP).

Their C2C4Charlie ride this summer will be held in Charlie’s memory, and as a fundraising event to support the work of the SUDEP Institute of the Epilepsy Foundation. The institute funds research into SUDEP causes and prevention, educates families and health care providers about its risks, and supports the many devastated families of SUDEP victims. Each year 3,000 people are lost to SUDEP, primarily teens and young adults, without any clear understanding of its cause.

While their riding group will be small, they are hoping the broader community will help support them through the summer by following their blog and Facebook posts, and for those interested, by contributing to their fundraising effort for the SUDEP Institute.
Facebook:                          C2C4Charlie
Blog:                                     https://C2C4Charlie .org  (nothing up there yet, will become active with regular posts beginning mid-June)
Be a Virtual Rider:           Register (https://epilepsyfoundation.do nordrive.com/index.cfm?fuseact ion=register.start&eventID=566  ) to be a member of Team C2C4Charlie as a Virtual Rider and join the fundraising effort by creating your own member page, sending word out to your friends and family, and biking locally in solidarity with our ride.
Send-off/Kick-off:           Join Team C2C4Charlie at the benefit Send-off Dinner/Fundraising Kick-off/Concert on June 2nd at the Shutesbury Athletic Club. Dinner beginning at 6 pm, music by Dad Come Home! beginning at 8.
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