ARHS Class Council Elections in the Fall

Principal Mark Jackson has decided to postpone the Class Council elections until the fall.  The reason is as follows: “Right now, we are up against the end of the school year. Exams and moving on to summer are the current priorities. In my judgment, the elections are too important to occur at a time when everyone is distracted and energy is running low. It’s hard for me to imagine that candidates can focus on preparing and running their campaigns and, just as importantly, that the student body, in the interest of making an informed choice, can attend to the candidates and their various platforms.

September is the time of the school year when everyone is refreshed and focused. Here, both candidates and voters can devote the right amount of time and attention to making the elections a meaningful exercise in school government.

Beyond this year, I would like to make September elections the norm.

At the beginning of the next school year, Ms. Haygood will inform the school community of the details and deadlines for the elections.”

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