Ideas Come to Life at ARHS!

Wonderful ideas at the ARHS community become possible with your support. Thank you to all who have already registered their Stop & Shop cards to benefit ARHS.

Monies raised by the ARHS PGO through Stop & Shop’s A+ Rewards are distributed annually through the PGO Grants Program, which awards monetary support to staff members in every department who submit an application as well as to student-led initiatives that generate additional creative and innovative ideas that benefit the entire ARHS community.

Last year, among the initiatives funded by the PGO Grants Program were the water bottle filling stations now enjoyed by everyone at the school.

Water Bottle Filling Station

Stop & Shop’s A+ Rewards is ARHS PGO’s largest fundraising initiative and the sole funding source of the PGO Grants Program. To those who have not yet done so, this is a one-time sign-up and it takes only a few minutes to complete. Please forward this email to relatives and friends and invite them to sign up as well. If you need a STOP & SHOP CARD, please visit your local store to obtain one or click here: I NEED A STOP & SHOP CARD.

To register your card, here are the simple steps to follow:

  • You need your 13-digit STOP & SHOP CARD number found on the back of the card
  • Visit click on SIGN IN (top right) to log on to your online account or click REGISTER to create your on-line account.
  • Once you are logged in to your account, you can select a school for A+ Rewards (ARHS’s ID is 05167).
  • You can call Consumer Affairs at 1-877-366-2668 and select Option #1.
  • If you have a STOP & SHOP CARD but do not know your 13-digit STOP & SHOP CARD number, call the STOP & SHOP CARD HOTLINE at 1-877-366-2668 and select Option #1. The representatives will be able to provide you your STOP & SHOP CARD number and register your chosen school (ARHS’s ID is 05167).

Once a card is registered, purchases made from all Stop & Shop stores will benefit ARHS, including purchases from stores in Connecticut, Maine, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New York, and Rhode Island! Purchases on can also earn A+ School Rewards points! Just be sure to register your Stop & Shop Card on your Peapod account and be sure to register your card to a school (ARHS’s ID is 05167). So again, please forward this email to relatives and friends, near and far, and encourage them to support our school by registering their cards.

And in the spirit of celebrating all of you and what you do for the ARHS community, below are notes from some happy grant recipients. Enjoy!!

Best regard,

Malou Hafner

ARHS PGO Stop & Shop Coordinator


From Aaron Kropf, Science Teacher and Outdoor Education Leader:

As the advisor to the ARHS OUTDOOR PROGRAM, I would like to thank the PGO for supporting us this year with funds to purchase new tents.

Outdoor Program TENTS

Since approximately 1970, the ARHS OUTDOOR PROGRAM has offered opportunities for students in our district to get outdoors. We lead day hikes, overnight trips, leadership programs, and the chance to push boundaries in the Survival Living program. For almost that long, we have carried old leaky tents into the field with us!

The new tents were put to use right away, as we experience heavy rain on the first night of Survival living this year. The students who used these tents reported that they were totally dry the next morning! (I wish I could say the same about my tent.)

I am confident that we will put these new tents to good use, several times per year. Already, the students pictured below were able to have a safe and dry experience sleeping outdoors. In the years to come, many more will have this opportunity, thanks to your support.

From John Bechtold, Performing Arts Department Head:

We had a New Idea Grant awarded to the Theater Company to host the visit of playwright Anne Washburn, who visited the school in May, right on the heels of us producing her play Mr. Burns: a Post-Electric Play.

Anne’s visit combined a student workshop on playwriting with a public talk later that evening on playwriting and contemporary theater. In addition, Anne had an hour-long Skype meeting in the weeks prior to her visit with the student director of Mr. Burns – Nathan Baron-Silvern ’17.

Bechtold, Burns Director, and PlaywrightAll facets of the event went terrifically – students got meaningful time with a nationally-recognized and award-winning playwright (Mr. Burns was one of the country’s top 10 most-produced plays a couple of years ago, and her star continues to rise), the public got to come into the school to her a talk with her, and the school has been able to extend its exciting run of hosting high-caliber playwrights in these past 3 years, with the promise of more visits to come.

To that final point, Anne reported a terrific experience while here and – unprompted – made an offer to help us reach out to her professional peers should we wish to host further invitations in the future. The PGO grant has helped facilitate all of this work.

Thanks again for supporting us!  It’s thrilling to have our students exposed to some of the country’s top talent in the playwriting world and we hope we’ve sown the seeds for future visits.

And – here’s a picture of Anne, the student director of Burns, Nathan, and me.

From Kathleen Olson, Special Education Teacher:

This is a much belated THANK YOU  to the PGO for the $500 grants awarded to the AIMS program. The grant money was used to fund interview workshops with private consultant Mark Efinger. Mark’s workshops were a wonderful supplement to the communication and transition skills we target within the program. Thanks to the PGO grants, we were able to have Mark visit the school twice (Spring 2015 and Winter 2016). During his workshops, Mark broke down the structure of college and work interviews, placing special focus on critical first impressions. He showed them how they could  address that common open-ended question- “Tell me a little about yourself”- by crafting individual success stories with real examples from their lives to show how they possess the positive qualities interviewers want. During the workshops, students had a chance to craft and present their stories, get personalized feedback from Mark, and role play interviews with each other. It was a joy to watch my students stretch themselves in this way and experience the confidence-building positive results. We are very thankful to the PGO for making it all possible!

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