Senior Tidbits from Ms Ross

Hello Seniors,
Read this one carefully.  There’s a lot to do!  Be sure to read websites for your colleges and follow their instructions!

  1. If you are applying early action to UMass, they must have all supporting documentation to your application by November 20.  This includes your official test scores, sent by the testing companies.  ARHS cannot send test scores!  If you have not yet requested that your scores go to UMass or any of your colleges with early deadlines, do it today.  It can take a couple weeks at this time of year
  2. Remember, if you have a November 1 deadline and either want or need to have your progress report sent to your colleges, put your name on Mrs. Cappelli’s list.  This is the only way we will know that we need to send the grades.
  3. Your goal should be to apply to your colleges well before the deadline.  Deadline dates are not target dates.  Remember, deadline has the word DEAD in it.  Don’t tempt computer systems when they are overloaded.  They have been known to CRASH!  If you are ready even a month before your deadline, send your application in, irrespective of whether all of your recommendations are written.  .  See Mrs. Cappelli or Mrs. Tracy (room 309) if you want us to send your materials earlier than the date posted in Naviance.
  4. Be sure to complete the steps in the 8-page handout you received in Advisory on October 5.  (It is also in the Naviance Document Library under Senior Documents.)  All steps are critical to successful completion of this process.  Then, check in with your teachers regarding your recommendations.
  5. If you are planning to send different versions of your Common Application to different colleges, here’s how to do it:
    — After submitting the first one, for the next application that you want to change, just
    — Go to My Colleges on the Dashboard. Then go to the college whose app you want to change. Click on Review and Submit Common App. Then, when you are in the Common App itself, click on Edit within the field you want to change.
  6. Reminder, Thursday, November 2 is FAFSA night.  Come to the cafeteria at 7:00 sharp.  If you have not registered at org, please do it today.
  7. Be sure to get an FSAID, electronic signature, for you and a parent before doing your FAFSA.  You cannot complete it without them.
    — Go to  Click on the picture of the lock!
  8. If you will be applying early decision, don’t forget about the early decision agreement.  This is very important.  See a Guidance secretary immediately if you don’t know what this is about!
  9. Now that some of you are about to apply, you need to know that it takes colleges a long time to acknowledge that materials have been received, even electronically.  Don’t worry if it looks like your materials are not there.  If you see online that your application is not complete TWO WEEKS after the application deadline, you should call the college.  They usually find missing materials.  If they can’t find something, tell Mrs. Tracy or Mrs. Cappelli and they will send it again.
  10. If you are applying to any colleges with rolling admission, including the Massachusetts state universities (Westfield, Worcester, Framingham, Fitchburg, Bridgewater, MCLA and Salem) plus many other public and private colleges, see a Guidance secretary about the date you want us to send your materials.  We have preliminarily entered January 1 for the Massachusetts state universities.  It’s up to you to decide what to do.  See me or your counselor if you need help deciding.
  11. If you are applying to Boston University or the University of Rhode Island, remember, December 1 is the magic day.  All students who hope to get a merit scholarship must apply by December 1, no exceptions.  There are other colleges in this category as well.  Be sure you know whether your colleges have scholarship deadlines that differ from application deadlines.
  12. If you are applying to any of the University of California campuses, you must apply by November 30.  That is the closing date for all applications.  They do not use the Common App.  There are several essays to write; you must self-report your transcript.  All of this will take time.  Don’t wait until close to the deadline to do the UC application.  It won’t work!
  13. All University of California and some Common App schools expect you to enter your own transcript information into their forms.  They do not read official transcripts unless you enroll, at which time they check your reporting against the actual document.  Entering data can take some time.  Come to Guidance; get your unofficial transcript.  Don’t wait until the last minute!
  14. Remember, if you are applying to any other out-of-state public flagship universities, you should apply ASAP, even early action if possible at this point.  .  The longer you wait, the smaller your chances of admission in some states.

Hang in there.  You can do this!


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