Marijuana and Vaping: Are They Really Harmless?

Northampton Area Pediatrics Parenting Workshop

Marijuana and Vaping: Are They Really Harmless?

Parents and teens are welcome to come hear a presentation and open discussion on these two subjects. Among the topics covered will be: how does THC effect the developing brain, what are the current medical uses of marijuana in the pediatric population, what are the latest vaping devices, what do we know and what don’t we know about the health consequences of vaping.

Presenters will be Jonathan Schwab, M.D., Medical Director of Northampton Area Pediatrics and Melinda Calianos, Director of Hampshire Franklin Tobacco Free Community Partnership.

New time (for this workshop only)!
Sunday, January 21st
1:00 p.m. to 2:30 p.m.
193 Locust St., Northampton
RSVP by calling 413-517-2226 or email

Parenting workshops are open to the community and free of charge.

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