Attention Juniors: Tidbits from Ms. Ross

Hello Juniors,

Just a few things…

  1.  The registration deadline for the March 10 SAT is Friday, February 9, one week from today.  Many of you should take that test after doing some good preparation.  There is still time to do that.
  2. If you have a documented learning disability and use accommodations at school, you should apply to the testing companies to get accommodations for the SAT and ACT. Look at the Naviance links list for forms to complete and information about applying for accommodations. This must be done at least two months in advance of any test date. For the SAT, you must have accommodations before you register for a test, and for the ACT. You must register for the test before you apply for accommodations!
  3.  Think about potential conflicts with your usual activities and plan your first-round testing dates.  The SAT dates are March 10, May 5 and June 2.  The ACT dates are April 14 and June 9.    Potential conflict for some of you –the senior prom will be on June 1.  Not a good idea to take an important test the next day!
  4. It’s time to schedule your junior college meeting.  First, you must complete a survey in Naviance so I can learn something about you before we meet.  You opened your Naviance account last year for the Personality-type inventory in your advisory.  We were supposed to have an advisory dedicated to re-introducing you to Naviance on January 4.  Unfortunately, that was a snow day.  The lesson will now take place on March 8.  You will need to do some discovering on your own before then.


The Naviance address is:

If you don’t remember your username, try your address.  Try your customary passwords.  If you still cannot get in, see Mrs. Cappelli in Guidance or Mrs. Tracy in 309 for help.


Under About Me/Surveys to Take, you will find the Junior Questionnaire for College Conference.  Please complete it and then seem Mrs. Cappelli in the Guidance Office to make the appointment for your junior college meeting.


If you do it soon, you will not need to wait very long.  If you wait a few weeks to make the appointment, there may not be one available until April.  After-school times fill first.


Myra Ross

ARHS College Advisor

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