JETS Engineering Team Success!

This has been an outstanding year for Amherst Regional High School’s JETS Engineering Club. The club entered nine teams (68 students, grades 9-12) into the national Test of Engineering Aptitude, Mathematics, and Science (TEAM+S) and won Best in State at both the 9th/10th grade and 11th/12th grade level.  Our top finishing 11th/12th grade team also finished 4th Nationally in our division.

Team members include seniors Alvaro Lee Borrell, John Dinsmore, Pablo Griswold Morales, Ethan Saxenian, Eric Thompson-Martin, Nathan Ji, and Declan Gray-Mullen. Our top finishing 9th/10th grade team finished 6th Nationally in our division. Team members include 10th graders Naomi Johnson, Mohan Setty-Charity, Andrew Ni, Levi Blinder, Austin Paczkowski, Benjamin Fang, Jin Chang, and Innis Gallagher.

ARHS has competed in the TEAM+S competition since 1989. TEAM+S is a national high school academic competition formally sponsored by the Junior Engineering Technical Society and recently taken over by the Technology Student Association. Nearly 1,000 teams of students compete every year in a fun and fast-paced competition that inspires creativity, teamwork, critical thinking and valuable insight into the world of engineering.  The theme of this year’s competition was “Engineering a Greener World.” It consisted of 3 components: A multiple choice exam, a design/build challenge, and an in-depth essay prepared in advance proposing how to modify a building in their community to be more environmentally friendly.

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