Attn Juniors: Materials Regarding Teacher Recommendations

Hello Juniors,

Attached is the packet of materials you will need to read and complete before asking for recommendations during the week of May 7. This will also be distributed to you tomorrow morning in Advisory. It doesn’t matter which day that week you approach teachers because they will not be agreeing to write recommendations for anyone during the “asking week.” They will get back to you by May 18.

It’s important for you to know that before some teachers will agree to write for you, they will require a written statement or a completed questionnaire that they will give you when you approach them about a recommendation. Teachers will all be posting their recommendation-request procedures. It’s very important for you to follow their instructions.

When you think about which teachers you would like to ask, think about primarily junior year teachers who know you well and who can write positively about your attitude, work ethic, contributions to class, and/or the quality of your work. Please remember that it is wise to have a back-up plan in case one of the teachers you ask is unable to write for you.

In the packet are confidentiality forms which you must have a parent sign, an information form for you to complete and a Q&A that should answer any of your questions. Feel free to see me or your counselor about recommendations or any other topic related to college admission.

The observant among you will notice that there are a few errors regarding dates in the printed Advisory packet, such as in the initial heading and the deadline dates for teachers to upload your recommendations next fall. The dates in this electronic copy are correct.

student teacher recommendation packet 18

Myra Ross

College Advisor

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