News From the 37th Annual Post-Graduation Senior Party

A huge thank you to everyone who helped make the Post Graduation Senior Party such a tremendous success.  With all your help and support 160 Seniors and their guests donned their class of 2018 t-shirts and  had a great night at our new location, Hampshire Athletic Club.  The party-goers participated in everything from jumping around in the bounce house, challenging each other to duels in the  inflatable obstacle course, playing ping pong and corn hole, having their pictures taken in the Photo Booth, swimming in the pool, soaking in the Hot Tub, having fierce competitions on the basketball court,  lounging on the exercise equipment, having their Tarot Cards read, eating pizza, cake, and snacks, having amazing Henna Art Tattoos applied to their limbs and faces, singing, dancing, winning great raffle prizes–including a dorm fridge, as well as just hanging around and talking on this one last night as the ARHS Class of 2018.  Most importantly everyone stayed safe and off the roads–our main goal for this historically dangerous night for our High Schoolers.
However, this year was a very challenging year on the organizational and volunteer front and the party was in danger of being cancelled up to the last minute because of a lack of parent/guardian volunteers.  This event rests solely on the backs of volunteers who give their help beforehand fundraising, organizing, and planning,and at the event running the various activities from providing security, holding down the first-aid tent, registering people, handing out food, setting up, cleaning up, shuttling everyone home in the middle of the night etc etc.   It tales a small village to do this and I can assure that everyone who was there enjoyed this one last time getting to see their kids be kids in such a fun and safe setting.  This is my fourth year, two as event chair, and I feel honored to be a part of it.  I must admit my dismay that out of a parent/guardian pool of over 1,000 individuals that I was struggling to find the 75 people needed and ended up with 60 stalwart individuals, many doing double shifts.  We mustn’t let this tradition go, but it won’t work if people don’t help.  I hope that next year you will consider being part of this wonderful event.  Additionally, although I will assist whoever takes it on next time around, I will not be chairing it as my daughter will be a senior and it is time for me to pass the reins to someone else.  The tradition in the past was for Junior parents to run it and pay it forward for the senior parents, but anyone and everyone can participate!  Please consider chairing and supporting the event.  Anyone interested please contact me at for more information.
Shout outs to the following individuals who helped–it wouldn’t have happened without you–especially Alicia Walter who went from Shuttle Organizer to Unofficial Co-Chair and kept me on track throughout the process!
Alicia Walter
Paul Martin
Jack Farnham
Marc Keenan
Mark Jackson
Scott and Chris at Hampshire Athletic Club and their lifeguards, too!
Daniela Calzetti
Mat Lebowitz
Chris and Todd Felton
Gwen Hubler
Elizabeth McCoy
Lindsay Stromgren
Leanne Hunt
Anne Skillings
Elisa Martinez
Becky and Peter Michaels
Michelle Spirko
Becky Demling
Beth McGovern
Kenda Kroodsma
Rich and Sue Cairn
Kyla Hastie
Jeanette Wilburn
Deb Neubauer
Ann Marshall
Amy Coulthard
Julie Applegate
Pat Nambu
Lorin  and Eric Knapp
Scott and Hannah Hartl
Jeffrey Blanchard
Deb Leonard
Reiko Sono
Sid Ferreira
Katie Shults
Olga Gealikman
Tamie Foster
Jeff Lacy
Robert Brainin
Karen Zilberstein
Ethan Clotfelter
Michael Carolan
Michael Hootstein
Mary Hagen
James and Kathy Layer
Craig Martin
Anastasia Morton
Stacy Simonson
Paul Bailin
Zhaohui Fan
Georgia Malcolm
Kathleen Traphagen
Jim and Deb Wright
Bill Leonard
Also, students Peter Treyz, Josh Gerber Dolan, Grace Farnham, and Justin Guaytanof for all their support at the school advertising the event!
I hope I have not missed anyone and my apologies if I did!
Shout outs to the following businesses who donated money and supplies–it wouldn’t have happened without their generous support!
Amherst Insurance/The Nathan Agencies
Spirit Haus
Cushman Market
Encharter Insurance
Mom’s House
Cowls Building Suppy
Marshall Steinbeck Collision
Kelly’s Restaurant
Hess/McWilliams Veterinary Services
Viral Booth/Photo Booth
Berk Chiropractic
Jones Properties
Jones Realtors
Kieras Oil
Hair By Harlow
Wagner Wood
KP Law
Channing Bete Company
Connecticut Valley Oral Surgery
Amherst Dental
Amherst Office Park
Amherst farmer’s Supply
Ziomek and Ziomek
Home Depot
Amherst Cinema
Central Rock Gym
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