Summit Academy Relocation Frequently Asked Questions

I Important Ideas:
A. Are Summit Academy and ARHS one school or two separate schools within the
same building? ​

An important relocation goal is for Summit Academy to maintain its
identity as a separate school. There will be many opportunities for the two schools to
interact and collaborate. But the overriding priority is for the two schools to operate
II Important Information
A. Within the ARHS building, where will Summit Academy be located? ​

Summit Academy will be located along the hallway that contains the ARHS gym. There are six classrooms along this hallway that are now exclusively designated for Summit Academy use. See the following map for details.
B. Who is the principal of Summit Academy? ​

Mr. Slovin remains the Summit Academy principal. Mr. Jackson is the principal only of ARHS.
C. How will the community access Summit Academy?​

The Summit Academy main entrance is on the West side of the ARHS building. The door closest to the Summit Academy sign leads to the Summit Academy main office See the following map for details. Visitor parking spaces will be designated. Summit Academy guests and families do not need to come first to the ARHS main office.
D. What is the phone number for the Summit Academy main office?​ 413-362-1729.
E. Does Summit Academy have same schedule and bell system as ARHS?

​Summit Academy will be on a separate schedule. ARHS passing bells will not sound in the Summit Academy section of the building. ARHS PA announcements will not be broadcast within Summit Academy. Fire alarms, however, will sound throughout both schools.
III Important Routines
A. How will Summit Academy students enter and exit from school?
Students will enter the building through the Summit Academy main entrance, which is on the West side of the building. Students will exit Summit Academy through the Summit exterior doors, not through the ARHS.
B. Are Summit Academy students transported separately from ARHS students?
Students will maintain the same routines as in the past and be transported on the same buses as ARHS students. The only change is that Summit Academy students will be dropped off nearer to the Summit Academy entrance.

C. Do Summit Academy students eat lunch in HS cafeteria?
Summit Academy will have its own lunch room and not eat in HS cafeteria.

D. Are students of Summit Academy assigned to a high school guidance counselor and have access to the ARHS college counselor? ​

​Summit Academy students will retain their current counselors. But they will have access to the ARHS college counselor.

E. What is the decision making process for a Summit Academy student to take a class at ARHS?​

The IEP team reconvenes and considers if there are any changes appropriate to be made to the IEP that would include transition to the high school.

F. Do Summit Academy students participate in ARHS extracurricular activities ex. Sports clubs?​

Summit Academy students have always participated in extracurricular activities including sports and afterschool clubs. They will continue do so.

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