Sene-Gambian Program Seeks Donations

The Sene-Gambian Scholars Program at ARHS is seeking donations to bring students and teachers from Gunjur, The Gambia, to visit the United States in the spring of 2019.

Last February, 13 ARHS students and 3 faculty members were hosted by families in Gunjur, attended classes in the local high school, and visited cultural sites in The Gambia. The ARHS students would like to host the Gambian students next spring, but the cost of visas and international airfare is beyond the means of most families in The Gambia. The Sene-Gambian Scholars are thus trying to raise enough funds for at least 3 students and 1 faculty member to travel to the U.S. The estimated cost is $1,500 per person. The Sene-Gabmbian Scholars have already raised $1,000, so the goal of the current drive is $5,000.

Read more, see pictures, and make a donation at Thank you for your support!

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