News for Seniors from Ms Ross

The ARHS Guidance Department now has a Twitter account. Follow us at:
This account is not going to replace e-mail.  It is for us to send you timely reminders and maybe even some fun facts.  I might use it sometimes to urge you to check your e-mail for a message from me.  Please do not respond to the account.  We will not answer you.  If you want to reach me or your counselor, send an e-mail!

As of this moment, 124 colleges are scheduled to visit ARHS between next Monday, September 10 and early November.  This is the most ever!  Many visits will be in the next three weeks.  Please look for the list of college visits in your Naviance account and come to see the representatives, who will likely be the people who will read your application.  The first three visits you attend will not count against you in the attendance policy.  After three, absences of more than 20 minutes will count, but you should take the opportunity to meet with representatives anyway.  Think about how lonely they will be if no one shows up!

Think about completing at least one early application.  UMass’s early action deadline is November 1.  The other UMass campuses, which offer substantial merit scholarships only to students who apply early action, have deadlines of November 1 and November 15.  Applying early will force you to get your application done early so you will have more time to write other essays that may be required of you.  As soon as you decide on your first early application, list it in Naviance and in your Common Application (if appropriate).

Here are three important things to do tonight if you haven’t already done them:
* Get your lime-green release form signed so you can bring it to Miss Garrity tomorrow
* Go into your Naviance account, and under “colleges/letters of recommendation/” select the teachers who have agreed to write for you.  Send them a note of thanks.  As soon as you know at least one college you will apply to, put it in “Colleges I’m Applying To.”  Teachers will see the early deadline and will know to prepare your recommendation on time.
* Go and get your FSAID, which is the electronic signature for your FAFSA, which you can complete any time after October 1.  Your parent(s) will need one too, if they don’t already have one for your older sibling.  Do not use your arps account as your e-mail address.  It will be closed before you are a college student.  Use a Gmail or other public domain account.


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