From Principal Jackson: iOS 12 Parental Controls

Mobile-phone-at-night-619x381Through a combination of Apple’s Family Sharing feature and Screen Time, parents will be able to take more control over a child’s iOS device(s). Weekly reports are sent to the parent, which he or she can use to regulate how much time is spent by a child in a given app or category, as well as on the device in general.

Using these new tools, parents and guardians can use their own device to check their child’s cell phone Activity Report and manage their app use time. From there, they can allot a custom amount of time per app that kids can’t extend, or create a Downtime to block everything but selected software and phone calls for a set hourly range (say, enforcing digital curfew from 10pm until 7am). You don’t have to fight at night to put it away. It tells them they are out of time.  You can block/limit types of apps like social networking but allow productivity like Google Classroom. A parent or guardian can change the restrictions and see what they are doing remotely.  You can also approve purchases and and increase time remotely.

Parents can also remotely schedule when Downtime is active, essentially locking a child out of all iOS devices during meals or at bedtime. Before you can use Screen Time to control a child’s iOS device, your device and the child’s will need to be on iOS 12.

Click here to read the article from c|net.

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