Some Important Reminders from the ARHS Attendance Office

The high school has been receiving a number of messages on its full-day absence line from parents excusing their child’s tardiness. Please note that the absence line (413-362-1718) is to be called ONLY for full day absences. To summarize our policy, A student who is tardy must bring in a note from a parent to be time stamped by the Main Office and signed by a Dean. Students who are being dismissed early also must bring a note from a parent to be turned in at the Main Office and time stamped. In addition, students must always sign in on the Tardy or Early Dismissal sheet in the Main Office with their full name and time of arrival/departure.

Telephone calls to excuse a tardy or early dismissal will not be accepted. If the information is left on the absence line, it will not be recorded.

We appreciate your adhering to these procedures.

All of this information can be found starting on page 1 of the Student Handbook. This handbook is on the main Amherst/Pelham Regional High School website under the Parents/Guardians tab. Please read this documentation as it contains a lot of information with regard to attendance and attendance reporting.

Please note that it takes 24 hours to reconcile the sign in sheets and notes, so no changes are recorded in PowerSchool until the next day.

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