Messages and Deliveries to Students

Students may be paged to come to the front office to pick up messages and deliveries twice during the school day: the first time is just after 10 am, when the lunch period is about to start. The second time is just at the beginning of the last class of the day. We limit public address announcements to those two times  to minimize disruption to classes.

If you wish to deliver an item (such as money, keys, a lunch, or an assignment) that your child has forgotten to bring to school, please drop it off at the main office. You must bring the item to the office by 12:30 pm in order for the student’s name to be included in the list of students to be paged at the end of the day.

To leave a message for a student, please call 362-1701 or 362-1705. As with deliveries, you must leave the message by 12:30 pm if you want the student to be paged at the end of the day. Remember that the main office is open between 7:30 am and 3:30 pm. Any message outside of those hours should be left at 362-1700.


When a student is absent, parents and guardians are encouraged to call 362-1718 to report the absence. Leaving a message at this voice mail eliminates the need to write an excuse note for the absence. IMPORTANT:phone calls are not accepted after the day of the absence. Excuse notes are not accepted after 48 hours from the student’s return to school.

For more detailed information about attendance procedures, see the Attendance FAQ 

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