Dangers of Vaping

isThis summer the Massachusetts Department of Public Health launched a statewide information campaign called The New Look of Nicotine Addiction and it’s all about vaping.  The website of the campaign, GetOutraged.org, is a resource to help parents of teenagers better understand what vaping is, how vaping can harm their teens developing brains and to provide ideas for how parents can talk with their children about vaping and JUULing.

Youth are being targeted by the vaping and tobacco industries.  Unfortunately, their tactics are working with 1 in 5 high school youth in MA reporting that they use e-cigarettes.  How? Vape “juices” come in thousands of different flavors, such as Swedish Fish, s’mores, and mango.  Sweet flavors attract young people and are the leading reason that youth are vaping.

But these products are NOT harmless; they contain nicotine and other harmful chemicals. E-cigarettes produce an aerosol, NOT water vapor. The aerosol can contain cancer-causing chemicals, ultrafine particles, and heavy metals like nickel, tin, and lead.

Nicotine is highly addictive and can damage a young person’s developing brain. Nicotine exposure can lead to mood disorders and can permanently lower impulse control. Teens can get addicted more easily than adults and nicotine can prime the adolescent brain for addiction to other drugs.

For more information about vaping, please visit GetOutraged.org.  There you can see what vaping products look like, get more answers to frequently asked questions, and learn more about how to talk with your kids about vaping.  There is also a toolkit of useful resources for schools and community-based organizations.

Talk with your kids about vaping and make sure they know it’s harmful.

Attached is a link for FAQ (4 pages in all): http://files.hria.org/files/TC3480.pdf

For further information, contact Melinda Calianos, Director, Hampshire Franklin Tobacco-Free Community Partnership, (413) 584-1300 x174

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