ASD Workshops for 2019

Autism Specialists present the following workshops for 2019:

1/10/19 – Behavior 101: What is Reinforcement and Why Does it Work? A conversation about the mechanics of reinforcement and small group work to discuss ways reinforcement can be used in individual family’s homes. Will include time to sketch out reinforcement systems with the autism specialists.  Intended for families that are not currently using reinforcement systems. Presented by Jen McIntire and Kris Serwecki.

2/7/19 – Facilitating Independence: Increasing Self-Sufficiency in the Home Through Visual Schedules and Functional Communication – A conversation sharing strategies to help your child with ASD increase their independence at home. Will highlight how to use visual schedules, functional communication strategies. Participants will work in small groups with autism specialists. Presented by Kate Westafer and Jennifer Dann.

3/7/19 – Access to Outside Services – This station based workshop and networking will include opportunities to talk to different providers of services outside of school.  Presenters will include community based partners. Presented by Brittany Samberg, Jennifer Dann and Jennifer McIntire.

4/4/19 – Social Skills: How to Optimize Social Moments at Home – A discussion about expectations for social activities at home.  Will include practical information on how to set them up and what skills to work on. Will include time to work together in small groups. The target audience is families of students with ASD who are able to use basic communication skills. Presented by Jennifer Dann and Brittany Samberg.

5/9/19 – Moving Through School: How to Adjust to New Schools and New Expectations – A facilitated discussion regarding opportunities and challenges when children move up from one grade to the next.  Will highlight big transitions such as preschool to elementary, elementary to middle school, etc. Presenters will provide examples as well as samples of materials that families may find useful when approaching these moves. Presented by Kris Serwecki and Denise Paquin.

All workshops will be held from 6:00 to 7:30 p.m. in the Amherst Regional Middle School Professional Development Center.

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