ARPS PGO Spring Meeting

June 12th at 3:30 PM
Location: The Works, downtown Amherst



Individual School Updates

Taxes and State Filings

Group Fundraisers-

    -UMACC (United Way)

    -Florence Bank

-Giving Tuesday

– Razoo/ Might Cause

    -Amazon Smile

   – Ideas for more group efforts?

Motion by President to move Annual Elections to Fall Public Meeting

Other Business not anticipated by the chair

What is the ARPS PGO?

The Amherst Regional Public Schools Parent Guardian Organization (ARPS PGO) is a Registered 501c3 Massachusetts Charity encompassing the individual PGOs of the Amherst Regional High and Middle Schools, Crocker Farm and Wildwood Elementary.

Our mission is to support the education of children within our schools through fundraising, supplemental programming and volunteer efforts.  We help build community by fostering relationships among the schools, parents, teachers and staff.



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